Laundriz Donate Old Clothes


Give us your old clothes and help the needy

Your Old Clothes can Help Transform Someone's Life. you have clothes at home that don’t fit anymore - or just have a lot of old clothes piling up in a corner. Here’s what you need to do with that pile - donate them to someone who needs it more than you do. A piece of garment or an old blanket - donated to someone in need, make their life a little better. This also promotes an environmentally-friendly concept of recycling. Whatever it is that is of no use to you today, could be a memorable gift for someone else.

How does our donation policy work ?

Pile up all your old clothes and blankets - which is in usable condition and call us or drop in an email. We’ll get the clothes picked up from your doorstep. Your old clothes are washed, ironed and neatly packed like new - before they are sent to the people in need. A small gesture of yours can make a difference in someone else’s life who is not as privileged. Let’s give them a reason to smile.

Let’s make the world a better place with this simple gesture.

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