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Dry Cleaners in Andheri | Suit & Coat Dry Cleaning in Andheri, Mumbai
Are you worried sick about cleaning your best suits and coats? Forget all your worries when Laundriz is here to meet your expectations in a professional way.

Laundriz: Your laundry meets the best service
Gone are those days when you had to worry about your beautiful suits, coats, and formal dresses while choosing a laundry service. The time has come to choose wisely and get a professional service provider to do your laundry. Laundriz is here to deliver the best and most reliable dry cleaning solutions you can find in Mumbai. We have been considered as the top option in the prime localities of the metropolitan city since the very beginning. It is our prowess to deliver the ideal dry cleaning service in Andheri, Mumbai considering your needs.

Dry cleaning service by best Dry Cleaners in Andheri, Mumbai
We have prepared a unique online platform where you can contact the professional dry cleaners certified with our trust and expertise. All you have to do is to create an account and choose the services you need for convenience. The rest will be taken care of by our professional team of laundry experts.

We are adept at handling all kinds of coats, suits, blazers, party wear, casual wear, daily wear, etc. Our exclusive knowledge about fabric and chemical cleansing procedures make us the leading dry cleaning service you should hire. Worry not as we are professional dry cleaners with remarkable experience to take care of your clothes.

What makes Laundriz the best Dry Cleaners in Andheri, Mumbai?
There are specific reasons for choosing a professional dry cleaner. This can be perceived if you have sought a service rather than trying to clean off a stubborn stain from your most favorite suit. The reasons for hiring our party wear and suit dry cleaning in Andheri are mentioned below.

Fabric integrity
The prime reason for choosing our dry cleaning services is to retain the integrity of the rich fabric. On using machine wash or DIY washing venture, you might ruin the integrity of a smooth and rich fabric of your party wear or suits. It can get easily corroded. It should be handled by professionals by providing a less abrasive method to clean the clothes. Dry cleaning is the ultimate way to achieve success.

Years of experience
Another reason for choosing our elegant service is our years-old experience of handling stubborn cases. No matter what the volume is, our experience will ensure proper dry cleaning of every item you have hired us to clean. It is our experience that will make us pay extra attention to every item. We look for specific ways in detail to clean your clothes and give you a fresh lot to flaunt.

Odor and stain removal
Our coat dry cleaning in Andheri is the best way to get rid of stains and bad odor from old laundry. In fact, we are also adept at handling any disaster that happened to your clothes perfectly. We inspect every special case maintaining the utmost details and protocols so that we can gather information before jumping into a conclusion. Once the case is identified, you can rest assured that your asset will be back in the previous shape and freshness.

Enjoy wearing your favorites suits and clothes longer
It is obvious that dry cleaning is the safest way to clean items. It increases the lifespan of your favorite items you want to adorn on special occasions as well. You will find that your asset clothing items lasting longer and in more beautiful shape. We make sure that every fiber in your suits, coats, party wear, etc are protected from chemical wearing.

Services we offer to our clients
We offer a plethora of services in dry cleaning. Our expertise lies in the following segments of dry cleaning services.

  • Office shirts made of poly, cotton or mixed fabric
  • Trousers made of wool, cotton or mixed fabric
  • Weekend wear such as party gowns, exclusive dresses, etc
  • All kinds of special clothing items
  • Delicate wear

All you have to do is to give us a call or drop off your laundry load and let us handle the rest. We are extremely flexible in providing the most suitable service as per your specific requirement.
Our prime motto is to relieve you from the back-aching stress of washing an entire load of delicate wear. Why waste your weekend standing beside your washing machine or monitoring a domestic help cleaning your clothes when we are here to share your load? Forget the hassles of even dropping your dirty laundry load. We are here to provide you an end-to-end pick-up, dry clean, and delivery service. Relax and enjoy your day with your family or doing your favorite activities while we handle your dirty laundry.

Why Choose Laundriz for Dry cleaning service in Andheri, Mumbai?

We are a team of professional dry cleaners in Andheri providing the best service and keep our promises.

End-to-end service
We provide end-to-end hassle-free laundry services in different segments.

Our prime intention is to relieve you from your laundry load. We make it happen anyway.

Top-notch infrastructure
Our modern machines and technically-sound professional laundry experts will meet your expectations.

On-time delivery
No downtime is our promise regarding dry cleaning and delivery of fresh clothing items.


What is the difference between dry cleaning and regular laundry service?
Dry cleaning is less-abrasive and safer cleaning method than a regular laundry service

What types of cloths you dry clean?
Any type of exotic fabric can be dry-cleaned.

How much does Laundriz cost for Dry cleaning in Andheri?
It depends on the clothing item and its fabric. Consider referring to the price section on the website.

Do you dry clean Suit & Coat and how much it cost?
It will cost you less than or equal to INR 320 depending on the fabric.