Washing and Ironing Services

Washing and Ironing Service in Andheri | Wash and Fold Clothes in Andheri
Are you tired of washing your dirty laundry, ironing them and folding them every day? All your hassles will now be shared by our team of expert washers and ironers. We are here to cater to your basic and advanced laundry needs. Laundriz has the best infrastructure to deliver all kinds of washing and ironing at a bulk rate too.

Best washing and ironing service in Andheri, Mumbai
We are considered as the best washing and ironing service in Andheri and other prime localities of Mumbai because of our elegant approaches and processes. Over the years, we have been transforming our services along with the current requirements and contemporary trends. It is our prime motto to provide the ideal laundry services in Mumbai meeting the expectation of our customers.

Laundriz is a brand you can trust. To fulfill our promises and maintain a proper relationship with our customers, we have handpicked the most suitable professionals in the industry and have created an in-house washing, dry cleaning, ironing, and folding infrastructure. We have also introduced industry-standard machinery to support our bulk laundry orders from commercial clients. Our professionalism reflects from our end-to-end laundry solutions we provide to all our customers.

Services we offer to our clients
We offer the best laundry services to our clients. In fact, we intend to provide the most flexible laundry platform for all customers so that they should not worry about dirty clothes any more. It is our prowess that we deliver any order within 48 hours. We also promptly answer all queries and order reception to maintain the utmost professionalism in this sector.

Our laundry services are based on the following domains.

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Regular Cleaning
  • KG Laundry
  • Express Cleaning
  • Antiseptic Wash

As you can see, we are adept at handling both regular and premium washing and ironing services. It is our pride that we are considered to be the leading service for wash and fold in Andheri and other top localities in the city.

Every segment of our service is commendable as we have appointed the best experts in the industry to handle dirt on your clothes. We intend to learn every day and escalate the level of our experience to deliver better services to our clients.

What makes Laundriz the best washing and ironing service provider?
Forget the hassles of washing a pile of dirty laundry when we are here to take care of your load. Why not enjoy your weekend when we relieve you from this back-aching chore? We are considered to be the best service for wash and fold in Andheri and the rest of Mumbai.

The reasons for trusting our washing and ironing service are mentioned below.

End-to-end solution
Why waste time waiting on a line to drop your dirty laundry? We will be there as per your schedule to pick it up, wash it, iron and fold all the items and deliver the load to you within the promised deadline. There is no need to hassle and procrastinate laundry day when we are here to serve you with an end-to-end solution.

Professional approach
You will not get a chance to complain about our service as we maintain the utmost professionalism in all aspects. From receiving your call to delivering a fresh clean load of laundry, we are always there to support and serve your requirements. It is because of our approach, we have been a popular name in the household and commercial sectors.

Industry standards
We have an in-house cleaning infrastructure with the latest machinery to provide the safest platform to wash clothes in Andheri. It is our prowess that we follow every standard protocol to clean clothes and maintain the integrity of the fabric/color.

Most affordable rates
Even if we are a professional laundry service provider with a top-class infrastructure, our rates are local. We have designed the most affordable rates for different clothing items so that our clients can enjoy wearing and using fresh items without feeling financially burdened.

Why Choose Laundriz for washing and ironing service provider in Andheri, Mumbai?
Every aspect of our washing and ironing services are managed by professionals. Our skilled washers and ironers know how to handle regular and delicate clothing items. It is our strength that we understand the quality of dresses perfectly.

We assure you a longer lifespan of your clothing items if you choose our services. We choose the right chemicals and clean your clothes, iron them following standard ways, and fold them to deliver to your doorstep. Our laundry services are extremely safe to avail of. There will be no trace of detergent and chemicals in any item when you choose or regular, advanced or express laundry services.

Why wait then? Register your account on our website and enjoy the best rates for laundry requirements. Let us make your life easier. Wear fresh and ironed clothes every day to feel more confident.