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Are you tired of doing your laundry on a weekend? Do you want a permanent solution for elegant laundry services? Well! Your quest ends with Laundriz.

Laundriz: A world of eminent laundry solutions

Welcome to the world of Laundriz where you will find eclectic solutions for diverse requirements. You will find a plethora of professional dry cleaning and laundry services from us.

Since the beginning of our top-notch laundry service in Andheri, Mumbai, we have become a popular name for household and commercial customers. It has been a journey where we have catered to the specific needs of our customers by providing industry-standard clothes washing and dry cleaning services. Why wait then? Check out industry-best rates and give us a call to get the ideal laundry service from a professional.

What makes Laundriz the best laundry services in Andheri, Mumbai?

We are proud to depict that Laundriz has become a very popular brand in laundry services in Mumbai. The prime reasons for being the best laundry service in Andheri, Mumbai are listed below.


Dry Cleaning & Laundry Made Simple


Just drop-off your clothes at any of our stores. We will do the rest! You can pick them back, Fresh and Clean

Drop Off Your Clothes

Just drop-off your clothes at any of our stores

Washing & Cleaning

We take dirt very seriously. Our experts teach it a lesson with our state of art machinery.

Receive a Message

Receive a Message Once Clothes Are Ready

Pick Up Your Laundry

Pick them back, Fresh and


Too lazy to get out? Just log on to our website or call us to schedule an appointment. We will pick up your clothes and deliver them back to you within 48 hours. Simple, right?


schedule your pick up or just call us. We will take it from there. Hassle free, fast and simple!

We Pick-Up

Just tell us your convenient time, we will be right there with our eco friendly Laundry cart.

Washing & Cleaning

We take dirt very seriously. Our experts teach it a lesson with our state of art machinery.

Delivery at your doorstep

Hey Sir, open up! Your Clothes are delivered on time and as fresh as daisy.


Pricing that makes sense

Item Regular/
Trousers, Jeans, Leggings, Skirts, Shorts, Pyjama, & Dhoti Rs80.00 Rs99.00
Coat/Blazer Rs260.00/310.00/360.00 Rs420.00
Ladies Suit Ethnic Rs260.00/360.00 Rs460.00
Hat / Cap Rs80.00/120.00 Rs0.00
Socks / Handkerchief Rs30.00 Rs0.00
Sweatshirt / Sweater / Cardigan / Pullover Rs120.00/220.00 Rs320.00
Swimwear / Gymwear Rs80.00/120.00 Rs220.00
Overcoat Rs360.00 Rs460.00
Innerwear Rs30.00 Rs0.00
Shoes Rs299.00 Rs360.00
Shoes leather Rs420.00/520.00 Rs0.00
Jacket Rs220.00/260.00 Rs320.00

Professionalism is the key

We cater to professionalism from the very beginning of the process. By taking your request call to picking up the laundry items and delivering them once the entire process is completed, we maintain the utmost professionalism to make you happy and satisfied.

Knowledge about fabric and standard laundry processes

Another most important reason for being the best home laundry service in Andheri is our in-depth knowledge of elegant fabric and its items. It is really confusing for our customers to maintain the integrity of a clothing item made of elegant fabric. This is where we come in. Our knowledge about fabric, exotic clothing items and processes to clean them makes us the most trustworthy laundry service in the metropolitan city our customers like to hire.

Experience that matters

Gone are those days when all clothes are beaten on a wooden platform to clean them easily. This is the era of laundry technology that needs to be incorporated into every household’s daily life. We assure you with our experience that all kinds of diverse laundry requirements will be fulfilled as per your expectations.


We are happy to depict that our excellent infrastructure is more than capable of handling any kind of request from our customers. Whether it is stubborn stain removal or dry cleaning costly ensembles, we are here to provide the ideal infrastructure to your special needs. We follow the standard procedures of cleaning clothes as directed by international industry protocols.

Quickest response with best approaches

Irrespective of laundry volume, we prefer keeping our promises by keeping our customers’ requests. We revert to every request call instantly and arrange required resources to pick up, wash, dry clean and deliver the assignment within 48 hours. We believe that our prompt response and the smoothest service will definitely eradicate hassles from your life.

Our Service

Our promise


Laundriz has in-house Dry Cleaning facility located in Mumbai. Dry cleaning is a process where your garments are cleaned using a chemical solvent other than water. This method is used to clean delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough tumble of a washing machine and clothes dryer, it will also eliminate labor-intensive hand washing. When to Dry Clean your clothes? Just read Laundriz Service Guide or washing instructions on your garments.

  • Office Shirts - cotton, poly or mixed
  • Trousers - cotton, wool or mixed
  • Weekend wear
  • Party wear
  • delicate clothing
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Laundriz has in-house Laundry facility located in Mumbai. Laundry process is plain and simple. It's same as washing your clothes in your washing machine where the primary washing agent is water and detergent. Once washed, they are ironed and packed. Just that we use bigger machines where your clothes are segregated into: Whites, Coloured, Jeans, Trousers etc and then washed in big industrial machines. Dont have the time to put your clothes into washing machine and take the pain of ironing them? Laundriz is your Answer! What more, we take them by KG. When to Launder your clothes? Ans: 80% of your clothes that you use on a daily basis.

  • shirts, Shirts or other tops
  • Jeans, Pyjamas or other night wear
  • Bed sheets or other Sofa covers
  • Undergarments
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Laundriz provide dry cleaning, KG laundry, express service and antiseptic wash services.
We cover the major localities of Mumbai. You can take a look of availability of our services in the homepage section by providing your locality pin code in the search section.
Our pick-up and laundry delivery service are absolutely free. It comes as a complimentary service with every request.
It costs as less as INR 20 depending on the type of your clothes and fabric. Check our service rates in the price section.
We offer a 10% discount on the first order. For regular customers, we have planned lucrative rates to offer.
Sign in to become a customer and set an account. You can pay after the service is done or before as per your convenience.

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Expanding in Mumbai.

Now Serving.

  • Andheri (E)
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  • Marol
  • J. B. Nagar
  • Lokhandwala
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  • Goregaon
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Laundry Services provided by Laundriz

We offer an elegant platform where you can find the Mumbai best laundry services under a single roof. Our prowess lies in the following domains of a laundry service.

Dry cleaning

You will never have to fear of ruining your elegant clothes, office wear and daily wear items when we are here to provide the ideal dry-cleaning services. We will take care of your clothing items and will provide the ultimate solution at very cheap price, to get rid of your dirty laundry load.

KG laundry

Share your load with us and enjoy the day! Why waste time cleaning a pile of clothes when you have more important work to do? Give us your laundry load and let us handle your daily chore. We will pick it up, clean it, organize and deliver it to your doorstep. Always find your wardrobe full of clean and fresh clothes to wear.

Regular laundry

If you want to hire our regular service, we are here to provide it with the best plans at an affordable rate. It will take just 3 - 4 days to clean the load. Let us serve you to clean your laundry on a regular basis and keep you free from handling your laundry load.

Why Choose Laundriz for Laundry Services in Andheri, Mumbai

The first thing that strikes our mind while hiring a service is professionalism. You can rest assured that your costly and beautiful clothing items will be in safe hands.

It is our pride that we have the best setup for washing, dry-cleaning, steam ironing and all other related laundry processes. Apart from machinery, our skilled laundry professionals are here to tackle challenges and deliver the most-satisfactory outcome.

Our prompt response and service will assist you to maintain the flow of your daily perfectly. We keep our promises to bring the highest convenience in terms of laundry services.